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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a form of web hosting called Virtual Private Server web hosting. There are many differences between VPS hosting and shared web hosting. It is offered by many web hosting companies and is a great web hosting option for any business or individual.

Many businesses or individuals starting up their e-commerce enterprise with a website might first choose to do so through shared web hosting because it is generally cheaper and easier to start out with when building a website. However, over time as the business continues to grow, speed and reliability might become a factor. Virtual Private Server hosting often provides more resources that are not available with shared web hosting. Because shared web hosting servers share the same web and email servers, it can slow down the operation. Many larger businesses cannot afford to have slower service, which is why VPS hosting is a good solution. 

How does VPS hosting work?

  • VPS hosting is the concept of a virtual machine that is used exclusively for the individual needs of the customer meaning each web hosting customer has the privacy of a separate physical or server. This way, the VPS hosting customer does not have to share web hosting or email space on a server with any other website. 
  • VPS hosting is a way to bridge the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting servers with more independence than shared web hosts, but less costly than a physical dedicated server.
  • A VPS host runs its own copy of its operating system, which helps further the independence presented with VPS hosting. Some VPS hosting providers place limitations on RAM, disk space and other features. However, the limitations are must less than what is presented with shared web hosting. 

What are the advantages to using VPS hosting?

  • Because there is always a minimum amount of the necessary server resources dedicated to each VPS, each server is guaranteed to work consistently. Reliability is a huge factor with VPS hosting.
  • Another benefit to using VPS hosting is that if one client is not utilizing its resources, those resources are then allocated for better quality to to the other VPS users.
  • More CPU and RAM are available with VPS hosting as well to further provide more space and power to your web hosting operation. Increases in these essential components are necessary to provide the web VPS hosting available.
  • Compared to shared web hosting, there is much more reliability and power associated with VPS hosting.
  • Each virtual server is able to run its own full operating system and can be independently rebooted. This is convenient in cases where there is something wrong and the system needs to be rebooted or updated. It won't affect any other websites if this does take place like it would with shared web hosting. 
  • Privacy with VPS hosting is another advantage to choosing VPS hosting. Because it is functionally equivalent to a separate computer, it also takes on not only the power and space associated with a private hose, but it also has better security and privacy. 

Finding VPS hosting:

  • To find the   best VPS hosting, check out VPS hosting reviews to help you narrow down the best choice for VPS hosting to fulfill your business or individual web hosting needs. 
  • Another way to help narrow down the competition is to check out and VPS hosting provider comparisons. These provide information about how certain VPS hosts rank up against the competition.

While VPS hosting is traditionally a higher cost than shared web hosting, the benefits for big businesses and organizations outweighs the cost. However, the cost of VPS hosting is also usually less than the cost with a physical dedicated server. It is a good idea to shop around for the best VPS hosting prices to find which VPS hosting provider offers the best and most reliable web hosting features for the best price.

Because of all the benefits and advantages associated with VPS hosting, it is no wonder that a growing number of web hosting providers are offering VPS hosting in addition to shared hosting as a way to expand its customer base. With the web hosting needs of so many businesses growing, VPS hosting is a great solution to offering more secure, reliable, powerful and private web hosting services. 

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