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Database Web Hosting

There are different kinds of database web hosting, depending on the database technology involved. The four main database technologies involves are MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and MS Access. This article explains more about database web hosting.

What Types of Database Web Hosting Are Available? 

Databases are tools used to handle, store, and update large quantities of information on the web. Here are summaries of the four most popular and widely found database choices for webhosting:

• MySQL - First released in 1995, MySQL is popular relational database management system (RDBMS) in its own right, and also in combination with Apache, one of the programming languages starting with P (PHP, Perl, and Python) and a particular operating system, such as BSD, Linux, and Solaris, giving rise to the acronyms, BAMP, LAMP, and SAMP. When webhosts offer Windows and Linux hosting, they may only offer MySQL with their Linux hosting plans, and use MS SQL with their Windows hosting. MySQL is used in high traffic websites including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

• MS SQL Server - A relational model database server, MS SQL by Microsoft grew out of Sybase SQL Server, though the code has since been rewritten. Different editions, containing different features, are targeted to a variety of users. 

• Oracle is a popular object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) developed in 1977. It claims to be the first SQL-based database that was made available commercially, as well as the first to support XML.

• MS Office Access - Formerly called Microsoft Access, is referred to as a pseudo RDBMS and an element of the Microsoft Office Suite first released in 1992. It can be used as the front end for a more fully-featured product, like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

What Criteria Can Assist in Choosing a Type of Database Web Hosting?

Certain characteristics can help in the choice of database types. First, the server software is a consideration. MS Access and MS SQL Server are Microsoft OS-specific database choices. Thus, if you are set on Linux hosting, or any hosting other than Windows hosting, they are not an option. Oracle can be hosted on Mac OS X Server, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Sun Solaris, to name the most frequent choices. MySQL works on an even wider selection of operating system platforms, including all of those that Oracle does, as well as Novell, and BSD variants.

When considering their capabilities, regardless of operating system, one can say that MySQL is powerful, full-featured, and very popular; MS SQL Server is full-featured and appropriate for high-traffic websites; Oracle, also well-matched with high-traffic websites, is also powerful and full-featured; and MS Access, on the other hand, is appropriate for a one-database website solution. MS Access is best for a simple database, and is not suitable for high traffic as the other popular databases.

Besides these general considerations, it is important to look for both the number of databases available, as well as the size limits. Size limits of 1 GB and 2 GB are common. Some web hosting sites do not mention the limit, in which case, you should check before signing up. Another thing to look for is support materials for database building, should you need it. Some webhosts are strong in this area; with others, you're on your own. 


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